Family Boating Holidays to Get Away from It All

The end of the school year is weeks away, and many families across the country are packing up their suitcases to head abroad and get away from the nine to five. There is a multitude of package beach holidays on offer, but why follow the herd down to Greek or Spanish coast when you could make valuable memories under your own steam on a boating holiday?

Boating the British Canals

The British countryside is laced with over 2 thousand miles of pristine canals. The popularity of British canal holidays has peaked in recent years with the help of programmes like Channel 4’s ‘Great British Canal Journeys’, and it’s easy to see why thousands are flocking to the waterways.

Most of the stretches in Britain connect major cities such as the Leeds-Liverpool canal, but in between is miles of verdant British countryside. En route you’ll encounter towering viaducts, idyllic villages, and first rate country pubs.

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to planning a canal boating holiday. From AirBnB to specialized boating brokers, you can find boating holidays to suit any budget. And if you fancy gliding through the British countryside in the lap of luxury, offers larger luxury barges both in the U.K. and across Europe.

Luxury Yachting

If the waterways of Britain seem a bit constricted to your tastes, why not take to the high seas in your own private yacht?

If the price tag puts you off there are plenty of used yachts looking for a loving new crew to man them around the Mediterranean and beyond.

The freedom you and your family will have when you’re out on the water is unparalleled. You can moor up pretty much wherever you like, and swim, fish and explore to your hearts content.


If it’s a challenge you’re after, there are few more rewarding than learning how to sail. Again, the options are almost limitless. The Royal Yachting Association offer a range of courses all over Britain, from two day primers to full Skipper qualifications.

And locations vary just as much. Most coastal town are home to a sailing school, which means in the U.K. your never far away from your ticket onto the high seas.

There’s also loads of options abroad. International Yacht Training offer courses all over Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and Australia.

Fishing Charters

There’s nothing quite like bonding with the kids like a fishing holiday. And there’s no better fishing than out in the open ocean.

Whether you’re after monster black marlin in Australia, Tuna off the Baha peninsula, or mackerel off the coast of Norfolk the kids will make memories they’ll never forget.

For the old hand, a boat rental and license is often all you need. For first timers, there are a huge number of guided charters to choose from.