Why Plan a Vacation in the British Virgin Islands?

Thinking of traveling somewhere tropical on the next vacation break? A trip to the British Virgin Islands could be on top of the list. As a sailing hotspot, island hopping takes on a new dimension at the British Virgin Islands with its multitude of pristine volcanic isles within one’s reach. While the major islands attract a well-heeled crowd, the entire nation itself welcomes a broad spectrum of visitors who come for the natural attractions and mostly laid-back community of locals and visitors.

Places to Stay

For those who are searching for some exceptional accommodations in the British Virgin Islands, have a peek here. There are a variety of rental options for those who are planning to stay for days in this Caribbean destination. It does not matter if the place is for a solo tourist, the couple on a romantic trip, or a group of friends vacationing together. For those who like to compare different rental places before booking, there are online platforms that provide this service. With photos and price information posted online, it becomes easier to imagine what it would be like to stay in a particular beachside villa; a private apartment with an ocean view, or; a penthouse perched on a mountain.

Places to Explore

Out of the more than 50 pristine islands in the territory, around four are hubs for tourism activities. These islands include Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. One of the main islands, Tortola, offers a mix of natural beauty and contemporary delights. Here in Tortola, an exploration can lead to Sage Mountain National Park or to Apple Bay, Smuggler’s Cove or another secluded white sand beach. Anegada is a thriving habitat for local wildlife. Visiting this island should always include a glimpse of the rare rock iguanas, its multitude of endemic birds, and marine life. In Virgin Gorda, visiting the Baths is also a must.

Island Activities

As an island archipelago, many of the activities here involves exploring the waters and natural resources. Sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling are just three of the most sought-after activities in the Caribbean. For those who want to explore the foodie landscape of the British Virgin Islands, head to Cane Garden Bay in Tortola where many of the island’s restaurants and bars are located. As the night deepens in the bay, revelers come out for the live bands and dancing.

For those who like scuba diving and exploring shipwrecks, try to visit Anegada. Around the coastal waters of the island, there are around 300 galleon ship wreckages that are worth exploring. Visitors can also book private cruises around the area for a more extensive look at the different islands.

Who can resist vacationing on a tropical destination nestled in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean? Whether one likes the allure of a secluded getaway or the heady excitement of a party, the British Virgin Islands offer the best of both worlds. While in this tropical destination, stay in the right type of accommodation that can elevate the vacation experience.