Reasons to Choose Morning Desert Safari Tour

When touring the deserts of Dubai, almost all tourists choose the evening tour packages. The reasons are obvious, evening packages are longer and provide additional fun activities so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. People completely ignore the morning desert safari Dubai packages because they are short and do not include activities like overnight stay and the exotic belly dances. This article highlights some reasons to choose morning desert safari deals.

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Morning Desert is Not Hot

People opt for evening desert safari because they assume that morning desert gets too hot. Contrary to this believe, the morning desert safari tour starts early in the morning when the sunshine is mild and the desert is not excessively hot. You can enjoy yourself and the magnificent landscape of the desert in a pleasant environment. You can also take beautiful pictures in visible sunlight before the sun becomes blindingly bright. Doing strenuous activities like and boarding and quad biking will not tire you out. There are also fewer chances of becoming dehydrated and having a sun stroke. The tour usually ends around noon when the heat becomes unbearable.

It is Time Efficient

If you forgot to include desert safari in your touring plan till the last day, you can still get a desert experience by choosing morning desert safari tour. The morning tour lasts for about 2 to 4 hours and is perfect for people who are leaving the city at night. You can still squeeze in a few hours of fun at the desert before ending your tour. The tour company provides a pick and drop service that takes you to the designated spot according to the schedule so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight as well.

Morning Desert Safari is Less Expensive

Not all of us travel on hefty budgets, and morning desert safari tours are perfect for people who have a small budget. Since it does not include overnight stay and dinner, morning tours are less expensive as compared to evening tours. But this does not means that morning tours are lacking in their services. Morning safari tours provide a lot of fun activities that evening tours do not provide such as quad biking and hot air balloon ride. Some morning tours also provide a delicious breakfast with Arabian coffee.

It is perfect for People who like to be Alone

Morning desert safari tour does not include overnight stay and as a result, it is perfect for people who are uncomfortable around strangers. You can enjoy a desert experience with a small group of people and not worry about sharing your living space with others. You also don’t have to worry about poor hygiene and bad food quality that sometimes accompany the overnight desert safari tour.